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Collective Bargaining Updates

October 8, 2015 - 11:00 pm

After two very long days of conciliation we have been unable to reach agreement with the Employer, and we remain considerably far apart.

We have submitted a request for a “No Board” report with the Ministry of Labour and the Executive has a set a strike deadline of Monday, November 2nd at 12:01am. We hope to meet with the Employer prior to that deadline to see if a last minute deal can be reached.

The reasons for the current impasse are the Employer’s intransigence on faculty complement and on compensation. We believe that the Employer should invest in faculty, and their current compensation offer of less than 1% over three years is unreasonable and insulting. Furthermore their stonewalling on faculty complement threatens to drive us further apart.


Despite significant progress at the bargaining table on non-monetary proposals, NUFA and the Employer are miles apart on the issue of a financial settlement.  On Monday, August 24th we applied for conciliation.  The provincially appointed conciliator is expected October 7th and 8th.

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The first day of negotiations was held on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.  The FASBU CBC will meet with the Employer again next Tuesday.

Bargaining Bulletin - Fairness (April 16, 2015)

Following the Special Membership Meeting on March 25 to review the Employer's package, a motion was called for a strike mandate.  After three full days of voting, the vote empowering the NUFA Executive to call a strike if necessary has been a tremendous success.  97% of the FASBU Membership voted in favour of the motion with 92% of Members voting.  On behalf of the Executive and the FASBU Collective Bargaining Committee, the NUFA President thanked the Membership for their sign of confidence, support, and solidarity.  Negotiations begin April 15.

The FASBU CBC met with the Employer Thursday, March 19 to exchange proposals.  Below you will find a Bargaining Bulletin with some of what was contained in the Employer's proposals.  A meeting of the membership is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25 at 4:30 pm.  Details of the proposals will be provided then.  The location of the meeting on the main and satellite campuses is forthcoming.  We look forward to seeing all of the FASBU Membership there.

Bargaining Bulletin - Even More for Even Less (March 2015)

Bargaining Bulletin - Unprecedented Cuts to Faculty (February 2015)

A Special Membership Meeting was held on Wednesday, March 11 at 4:30 pm in the Nipissing University Theatre and video-conferenced to the satellite campuses.  The meeting was attended by over one hundred FASBU Members, on the main campus, satellite campuses, and by many who participated on Skype.  There were approximately 20 others who could not attend, but sent supportive messages by e-mail.  A motion of support for the bargaining package, which was presented by FASBU's Chief Negotiator Hilary Earl, was overwhelmingly approved.  Rob Breton, as President of NUFA, sent a thank you to the membership for their huge show of support, and to the many CASBU colleagues who came out to show their support as well.  Members were invited to meet with Members of the Executive or FASBU CBC the week of March 2, in the NUFA Office, should they have further questions on the package, and were also asked to stay tuned for another Membership meeting in March. 

The FASBU Collective Agreement expires April 30, 2015.  The FASBU Collective Bargaining Committee has been meeting since the early spring to prepare for the next round of negotiations.  A survey was sent out to the FASBU Membership in September to get Members views on a number of matters related to the negotiations, which may begin as early as February 2015.  Over three quarters of the FASBU Membership provided responses. At the Fall General Membership Meeting, held on Tuesday, October 28, the views of the Membership were discussed, along with the enrolment and financial status of the University.  Their will be a Special Meeting called in the early winter, to discuss the bargaining proposals. 

Below please find the first, in a series of FASBU Bargaining Bulletins:

Information Bulletin - What's the Plan (December 2014)

Information Bulletin - Nipissing University Practices "Shock Doctrine" (November 2014)

Bargaining Bulletin #1 - Recent Settlements in Ontario (October 2014)


The CASBU Tentative Agreement was ratified by the Membership on July 9, 2014.  It was subsequently ratified by the Board of Governors August 8, 2014.  A draft of the agreement is posted under Collective Agreements.  The final, signed copy should be available early in the fall term.

Bargaining Bulletin #5

Bargaining Bulletin #4

Bargaining Bulletin #3

Bargaining Bulletin #2

Bargaining Bulletin #1

The membership unanimously approved the CASBU Collective Bargaining package presented at the March 4 Special Meeting.

The CASBU Collective Agreement expires May 1, 2014.  The CASBU CBC has been working for the last year and a half, on proposals for the next round of negotiations.  The proposed bargaining package was approved unanimously at the February 10, 2014 meeting of the Executive.  Below you will find an article from NUFA News #19 updating the Membership, followed by the proposed package.  A CASBU Special Membership Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 4 at 4:30 pm in H104 of the Main Campus (video conferenced to Bracebridge Classroom 3 and Brantford Room 207 Wellington) to present the package.   Please come out and show your support!

NUFA reached a FASBU Tentative Settlement with the Employer on August 21, 2012.  A Special General Membership Meeting was held on August 29 to present the settlement to the Membership.  Voting to ratify the Tentative Settlement took place August 31 to September 4.  The result was 96% of votes cast in favour of ratification.  The final document will be posted once completed.  Thank you to the Membership.

Presentation to the Membership August 29, 2012

Below you will find a series of weekly information bulletins published throughout the summer and  focused on issues that were proving most contentious during the FASBU negotiations.

Information Bulletin #1

Information Bulletin #2

Information Bulletin #3

Information Bulletin #4

Information Bulletin #5

Information Bulletin #6

Below you will find the series of Bargaining Bulletins from the beginning of negotiations in March 2012 until negotiations recessed in June, 2012.

Bargaining Bulletin #1 

Bargaining Bulletin #2

Bargaining Bulletin #3

Bargaining Bulletin #4

Bargaining Bulletin #5

Bargaining Bulletin #6

On December 14, 2011, Dr. Gyllie Phillips, NUFA President sent a notice of intent to bargain to the University President.  The notice also contained a list of 46 dates and times from February through May in which the FASBU bargaining team is available to meet and three days proposed for a bargaining protocol meeting in January.  As of March 12, twelve bargaining dates have been set.

The Nipissing University Faculty Association Collective Agreement for the Full-time Academic Staff Bargaining Unit (FASBU) expires April 30, 2012.  The FASBU Collective Bargaining Team has been meeting regularly this past year to prepare the bargaining package for negotiations.  On November 16, 2011, NUFA held a Special General Membership meeting to discuss the completed FASBU Collective Bargaining package with the membership, in preparation for the vote on the package which was scheduled for November 30 - December 2, 2011.  95.7% of voters cast a ballot in favour of the proposals.

Below, you will find the November 16 meeting's agenda, the presentation on the collective bargaining package, and the complete package for your review.

Collective bargaining began Friday, March 23.  Please check your e-mail for Bargaining Bulletins.  The first was sent out March 22.  A Special General Membership Meeting on bargaining was held on Thursday, April 5 at 3:30 pm.  A second Special General Membership Meeting was held on Wednesday, May 23 at 7 pm in F210 and videolinked to Bracebridge and Brantford campuses. 

A follow-up meeting was held on Thursday, May 31st at 4 pm in F210 and videolinked to the satellite campuses.  The presentation may be found below.

Special GMM November 16, 2011 Agenda

Presentation to the Membership 

FASBU Bargaining Package March 19, 2012

Presentation to the FASBU Bargaining Unit, May 31, 2012

Full-Time Academic Staff Bargaining Unit (FASBU) sub-committee:
Hilary Earl, Chief Negotiator, FASBU
Jennifer Barnett
Natalya Brown
Mark Crane
Todd Horton
Christine Grandy
David Tabachnik
Gyllian Phillips, President (ex-officio)

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