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The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.

Vincent Lombardi


Collective Bargaining Committee:

  • The Collective Bargaining Committee is the group, within NUFA, that prepares for and engages in negotiations with Nipissing University in order to improve the salaries, working conditions and collegial environment at our institution. Bargaining is a core function of a faculty association and is one that NUFA takes very seriously. The Collective Bargaining Committee, under the leadership of the Chair, will consult with faculty members and the NUFA executive in preparing proposals for improvement. They will, in particular, consult with the Grievance officers to determine if there are parts of the collective agreement that are not clear or have been flagged as issues at JCAA meetings or in other fora. The NUFA executive must approve of any negotiation proposals and any substantive changes to the agreement that might be entertained.

    The members of the committee that have been appointed for 2014-15 are:
    Full-Time Academic Staff Bargaining Unit (FASBU) sub-committee:
    Hilary Earl, Chief Negotiator, FASBU
    Natalya Brown
    Mark Crane
    Todd Horton 
    Manuel Litalien
    Rob Breton
    Dean Hay
  • Gyllie Phillips
  • Nathan Kozuskanich
  • Susan Srigley, President (ex-officio)
    Contract Academic Staff Bargaining Unit (CASBU) sub-committee for 2013-14:
    Mark Crane, Chief Negotiator, CASBU
    Joseph Boivin
    Corina Irwin 
    Laura Rossi
  • Scott Kaufman
  • Rhiannon Don


Please contact the Co-Chairs of Collective Bargaining (Hilary Earl/Mark Crane) if you have any inquiries or suggestions for improvement to the FASBU or CASBU collective agreements. There will be more formal mechanisms for faculty input implemented during the year.

The Chair of the Collective Bargaining Committee meets his/her counterparts at OCUFA on a regular basis. These meetings serve to keep negotiators up-to-date with bargaining around the Province and, as well, serve a training opportunity with workshops and guest speakers.

The Committee has very significant and expanding research resources at its disposal via CAUT and OCUFA.

Communication Committee:
(a) This Committee shall be responsible for publishing a newsletter for members, and assisting the Executive and all committees with communications.

The current members of the committee are:
Sarah Winters
Dan Jarvis
Wendy Peters
Uldis Kundrats

Constitution Committee:

The Committee shall be responsible for reviewing the Constitution, making recommendations for amendments and considering proposals for amendments.

The current members of the committee are:
Adam Adler
Dana Murphy
Larry Patriquin
Timothy Sibbald
Grievance Committee:
The Committee is responsible for reviewing all grievances coming to NUFA and for ensuring that all deadlines are met and all grievance processes are followed.

The current members of the committee are:
Rhiannon Don
Susan Srigley (Chair)
Amanda Burk
Sal Renshaw
Jeff Scott 
Joe Boivin
Pension and Benefits Advisory Committee:

Many of the questions that members might have, relating to pensions and benefits, can be well answered by the Human Resources office. Please direct inquiries to the HR office first. However, if problems arise, do contact NUFA.

The Pensions and Benefits committee works on our behalf in getting improvements to those benefits (such as our pension) that are not part of the collective agreement.

The current members of the committee are:
Hilary Earl
Mike Parr

Scholarship Committee:
The NUFA Scholarship Committee manages the NUFA Scholarship Fund and the Textbook Bursary Program. This committee not only adjudicates applications for these scholarships but also examines the existing roster of NUFA scholarships and other support funds with a view to ensuring that they are consistent with the wishes of our members.

The current members of the committee are:
Adam Adler
Steven Arnocky
Darren Campbell
Ron Phillips

Social Committee:
The Committee shall be responsible for organizing the annual NUFA party and other social events.

The current members of the committee are: 
Anahit Armenakyan
Jamie Murton
Richard Wenghofer
Doug Gosse
Gender Equity and Diversity Committee:
The Committee examines issues of inequity within the academy, particularly as they relate to gender, sponsor issue awarness events and communicate to faculty areas of concern.

The current members of the committee are:
Anahit Armenakyan
Kathy Mantas
Lanyan Chen
Melissa Corrente

NUFA Representatives on Other Committees:

CAUT Defence Fund
Nathan Colborne

CAUT Council and OCUFA Representative
Susan Srigley, Amanda Burk
University Harassment and Discrimination Committee and SCEAT
Linda Piper
Joint Health and Safety Committee
Kristen Lucas FASBU, North Bay)
Kelly Morris (CASBU, North Bay)
Christine Cho (FASBU, Brantford)
Darren Ferry (FASBU, Muskoka)
NUFA Observers for Tenure and Promotion
Sarah Winters (TPU - Primary) 
Robin Gendron (TPU - Alternate)
John Nadeau (TPF - Applied and Professional Studies)
Nathan Kozuskanich (TPF - Arts & Sciences)
Janet McIntosh  (TPF - Education)


Nipissing University Board of Governors

Dennis Geden (Non-Senate Representative)

Matti Saari (Senate Representative)

Nancy Maynes (Senate Representative)

Robin Gendron (Non-Senate Representative)




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