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University Governance

Governing Officers
Official Website with By-Laws, Meeting Dates, Minutes, Policies and the Nipissing University Act


Board of Governors
(effective July 1, 2014)

Chancellor - Vacancy
Chair -Mr. Colin Dennis BSc (Hons.) 
Vice-Chair - Ms. Marianne Berubé, BA
Vice-Chair Pro Tem - Mr. Gord Durnan
President – Dr. Mike DeGagné
Members Appointed by the Board
Dr. Trevor Bachelder, DVM
Dr. Marianna Couchie, EdD(H)
Mr. Tom Curry, LLB
Mr. Tom Palangio
Mr. Jim Evans, BA (Arch.)
Ms. Colleen Miller
Mr. Steve Portelli, BSc (Hons) LLB
Mr. Brian Windsor, MBA
Ms. Janet Zimbalatt, MEd
Members Appointed by the Senate
Dr. Glenda Black
Dr. John Kovacs
Dr. Matti Saari
Dr. Jeff Scott
Members Appointed by the Students
Mr. Yannick Benoit (NUSU President)
Mr. Christopher Burke (NUSU VP External)
Official Observers: Mr. Christopher Piekarski (NUSU VP Student Life)
Mr. Ian Hall (NUSU VP Internal)
Member Appointed by the Alumni Advisory Board
Mr. Mark Webster
Members Appointed by the Non-teaching Employees
Ms. Sandra Minor
Ms. Margarida Shail
Member Appointed by the Aboriginal Council on Education
Ms. Donna Forget
Mayoral Designate
Mr. Derek Shogren


Please click here for Senate Membership 2015-2016



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