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About Us

In 1994, we became a union, certified under the Labour Relations Act of the Province of Ontario, representing all faculty at Nipissing University. That same year, we signed a two-year contract, retroactive to May 1, 1994 and remaining in effect until April 30, 1996. The collective agreement specifies terms and conditions of employment, as well as salaries and benefits for faculty.

NUFA is divided into the Full-Time Academic Staff Bargaining Unit (FASBU) and the Contract Academic Staff Bargaining Unit (CASBU). The current FASBU collective agreement came into effect May 2013, and expires April 2015. The current CASBU collective agreement came into effect May 2010, and expires April 2014.  CASBU is currently preparing for its next round of negotiations.

Besides negotiating collective agreements, doing research, improving salaries and working conditions of faculty, NUFA offers members advice in the event that they have a dispute with the University, investigates complaints against the University, and acts on members’ behalf in resolving grievances.

NUFA proudly represents faculty interests through participation in the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) and the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA). All members receive copies of their publications, CAUT Bulletin and OCUFA Forum, which address issues of interest to faculty members at the federal and provincial levels.

If you have any questions please contact the NUFA Executive Assistant at nufaoffice@gmail.com or 705-474-3461 ext. 4499.

NUFA has developed and will maintain this website.

Welcome to NUFA   |   About Us   |   Contact Us   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram