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CASBU Emergency Fund during COVID-19

These last few weeks have been strange and uncertain times for all of us in the Nipissing University community, and the future looks equally strange and uncertain. It’s hard to know what the next few months will bring, but we do know that contract faculty will be disproportionately affected because of the precarious nature of their jobs.

In acknowledgement of that, NUFA has established an emergency fund for our CASBU Members to help offset financial difficulties caused by COVID-19. Members who have taught at Nipissing on part-time contract in the last two years can request financial assistance of up to $100/month. The CASBU Emergency Fund Request Form 2020 will explain the application process, and we hope part-time Members will apply–this money is here to help you.

Thanks go to our FASBU Members whose contributions have made this fund possible. More than 90 of them raised almost $7,000 in under a week in an incredible show of solidarity.

In closing, I hope that you are well, and please stay in touch if you have any questions or concerns that we can help you with.