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Nipissing University Senate passes Motion in support of Laurentian University Senate

At the April 9, 2021 Nipissing University Senate meeting, the following motion was passed unanimously:

Whereas a first principle for university quality and integrity is expressed in the bicameral governance structure shared between the Board of Governors and the Academic Senate, a process clearly identified in the Nipissing University Act and Laurentian University Act; and

Whereas Senators have a right and responsibility to generate and evaluate decisions, including such decisions as program restructuring or cancellation, affecting the academic integrity of the university openly and democratically within this governance structure,

Be it resolved that Nipissing University Senate affirm its own support for the Senate of Laurentian University’s avowal of its power and responsibility to pronounce on the academic integrity of the proposals that come before it, and

Be it further resolved that the Nipissing University Senate express strong concern with the  Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act process at Laurentian that has effectively by-passed transparency and academic decision-making.